Thursday, August 30, 2007

SoftWare Programming in C++ for Structure of Females!

SoftWare Programming in C++ for Structure of Females!

struct female_professionals
double styles;
short skirts;
long time_to_understand_problems;
float mind;
void knowledge;
char non_co-operative;
struct married_females
double weight;
short tempered;
long gossip;
float hopes;
void word;
char unstable;
struct engaged_females
double time_on_phone;
short attention_on_work;
long boast;
float on_cloud_nine;
void understanding;
char edgy;
struct newly_married_females
double dinner_invitation;
short time_at_work;
long lunch_break;
void bank_balance;
char hen_pecked;
struct husband_wife_professionals
double income;
short tempered;
long time_no_see_each_other;
void love_life;
char money_making;
struct beautiful_city_girl
double boyfriends;
short affairs;
long stories;
void greymatter;
char flirt;
struct old_lady
double chin ;
short memory;
long sighs ;
void attention_from_men;
char chatterbox;
ကိုယ့်ဘာသာကိုယ်ဘယ် Structure နဲ့ကိုက်မလဲဆိုတာစဉ်းစားကြည့်ဖို့မမေ့နဲ့နော် .. :P


ဂျစ်တူး - gyit_tu said...

My C knowledge is very rusty.. but ဒီပို့စ်လေး ဖတ်ပြီး ပြုံးမိတယ် း)

Nay Nay Naing said...

I like this post :).. thanks for sharing ....

TnT said...

Nice one!